About Us

Hi, I’m Kaleena. I began my craft at a very young age and have not strayed away. Using magic or the art of moving energy just makes sense to me. My goal is to help others find their magic and offer the tools to do so.

I grew up with a Reiki Master mother and was exposed to alternative healing arts and spirituality without religion at a very young age. I began work as a psychic reader early in my career and started my journey towards becoming a healer after trauma in 2019. I was determined to heal myself and better my mental health. I can see pain in most people I meet, and I have a deep desire to share the healing I experienced.

Throughout my journey, I have become Reiki 1 Certified and Certified Level 1 in Sound Healing Therapy through the Sound Healing Academy. I am continuing my education in sound healing throughout 2021.