Hi, I'm Kaleena!

Reader 🔮

What’s up party people. I don’t know why but I always hesitate to use the word psychic. I prefer oracle reader as I am most comfortable with my cards. I got my Medicine Card deck at the age of 18 though I already had much experience with them. My mother had a deck as well as my grandmother. I used to get to pull one often and mom would read the description to me. I learned them well. I pull one card everyday and continue to read about each animal. There are many aspects of the human psyche and spirit that each animal represents. They all speak many messages to each person I read. I love what I do and hope to meet you energetically.

Healer 🧘‍♀️

This is a gift that you and I cannot ignore. Sometimes healing with words is enough. Healers come in many shapes and sizes and there are a lot of us out there. You don’t come to me to heal you, you come to receive the key to healing yourself. It is a process. I offer group healings based on the phase of the moon with intention. I use sound to compliment the universal healing energy called upon that is directed into you. Healing is uncomfortable, like a tattoo, it’s sore and itches for a while. I’m here for you and together we got this.

Witchy Mama 🧙‍♀️

Hey there, you sexy witch bitch 😊.
Whether your new to your magic or a long-time practitioner I want to know and help you. Let’s be friends. Remember the power is you and the tools available on this website are simply that, tools. For the newcomer I offer some prepared spells and beginner kits to get your altar started. I have shit for the more experienced as well. There is always more to learn. I will continue to add to the arsenal as I find more. Everything is energetically cleansed then sealed until it reaches its home so you can charge it with your bad assery. I love your face!!